Saturday, 4th May 2019 Posted by: ABII
15 Societies Support IBIX 2020

We are pleased to signed an MOU from 15 Supporting Partners for IBIX 2020 in the recent Lisbon Council General Assembly 2019.

  • Association of Education Culture and Science (Moldova)
  • Association of Portuguese Inventor’s Innovator’s and Creatives (Portugal)
  • Citizen Innovation (Singapore)
  • European Academy of Science
  • Filipino Inventors Society (Philippines)
  • Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation (Hong Kong)
  • Indian Innovators Association (India)
  • Inventarium Science (Portugal)
  • Inventors’ Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • IRSCA Gifted Education (France)
  • Manila Young Inventors Association (Philippines)
  • OFEED (Morocco)
  • Syrian Inventors (Syria)
  • Romanian Inventors Forum (Romania)
  • Union of Croatian Innovators (Croatia)

Friday, 12-07-2019 Posted by: ABII

Letter from Duke of York - Buckingham Palace

Friday, 21-09-2019 Posted by: ABII

Congratulations!  Jessica Durdu, a young 19 years old resourceful inventor created “Portable container for heat-sensitive medicines, vaccines and organs – uninterrupted cold chain”. This is a portable container that is able to store medicines, vaccines and organs, it is heat-sensitive once it senses the temperature increases +20 C, it would automatically trigger the heat-sensitive device to catalyze coldness. This portable container is suitable for diabetes patients during travel.

She had won the “British Leading Innovation Award for year 2019”.

Friday, 27-09-2019 Posted by: IBIX

Signing of Official MOU with University of Plovdiv

Official signing of MOU with University Plovdiv the largest institution of Higher Education in Bulgaria. Thank you for your support for IBIX 2020, exhibition held on 3-4 May, 2020 @ ILEC Conference Center, IBIS London Earls Court.